Ready for pickup

Do you visit the library and wander until you find something? I seldom do that anymore. So much of my reading is set in advance by book club or by work requirements. I put a hold on everything I want to read and wait for an email from the library that says, “ready for pickup.” Then I’m in and out, grabbing the book in less than two minutes.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Ready for pickup”

  1. Ready for pickup says not the librarian! Sir, when you signed up to be a member we gave you a library card so you can conveniently scan your books on your own. Ohh, you mean to tell me you lost it? Sir what is your name? It shows that you have an overdue balance. If you don’t have any money you’re going to have to step aside. Next customer, how can help? I called to reserve some books. Mr. Dickens yes yes they’re ready for pickup.

  2. Answering the phone, Miranda was greeted by a friendly voice on the other end of the line. “Good afternoon, Miss Mackie. This is Joe from Barnes and Noble. The book you ordered arrived today and it’s ready for pickup.”

    The enthusiasm in his voice seemed to carry over to Miranda as she answered, “Thanks, Joe. I’ll swing by to get it before closing time today.”

  3. I heard the news. My Sisters dress was ready for pick up.
    The dress was beautiful and immaculate.
    The seamstress has performed her magic show again.
    I would never have a wedding as lavish as her’s would be.
    Seems she is trying to impress, like a status thing.

  4. They say that when someone dies, their post-death weight is exactly 13 grams lighter than when they were alive. They say this is your soul and it’s always exactly 13 grams, no matter how big or small you were in life. I know this is crap – has to be – and so why was I so nervous as I headed to the post-office to pick-up a parcel left by my recently deceased sister. Weight – exactly 13 grams.

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