New Shoes

Best shoes of the day

The ad said shoes are boring, wear sneakers. My life is pretty boring, so I bought some sneakers. I keep waiting for the unboring to start – you know, maybe I win some money or get a book deal or fall in love with a guy 20 years my junior. Nothing is happening! The shoes don’t work. What about that toothpaste? The one that makes your mouth sparkle? Maybe that would turn my life around. I think . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

15 thoughts on “New Shoes”

  1. New shoes can hurt. Some of them can even kill you or someone else, the heels are so high and the prices even higher. I can no longer walk in shoes like that but I’d like to. I’d probably fall and break a hip. That would turn my life around, alright.

  2. One, two, three. Turn, two, three. Point, two, three and…Oh, come on shoes! You may be new but the feet inside are old and the steps familiar. Now, one, two, three and point, two, three. Demi Pointe and ouch! No, no this will not do. Away with these shoes!

  3. “I want to buy you something for your birthday, but I don’t know what you need,” Desirée’s mother said.
    “I could use a pair of sneakers.”
    They both jumped in the car and went shopping. Two pairs of sneakers and a pair of new high heel shoes later, Desirée thought . . . it never fails. I come in for one thing and always end up getting more . . .

  4. What’s the desire between need and want? Lust? Maybe. Hunger? Could be that. Could also be just that she deserved something nice. Yes, that’s it. After suffering through another one of her mother’s migraines – so selfish of her to have it on the weekend – Jacqui called the nurse to tell her she was ducking out and went off in search for a new pair of shoes.

  5. Mum doesn’t let us put our new shoes on the table.
    Nor does she walk under ladders or let black cats cross her path.
    I once chased her around the house with an open umbrella.
    She was so scared, it brought tears to her eyes. It made me feel horrible.

      1. Wowza thank you! Haven’t been on here in a long while and this was a lovely surprise! You are too kind!

  6. I look down as I wait in line with everyone else. I can feel them staring at me and whispering to each other. I can hear them snickering behind their hands. What’s wrong with me? Why am I so different? I really want to go home, I don’t belong here.

  7. When I was little and got new shoes I wouldn’t let my mother put them in the closet. I’d sleep with them under my pillow instead. I’m a little over it now but still nothing defunks me like new (or at least new to me) shoes. Some people might think I have too many pairs but, well, they make me happy! Mmmmmmm, new shoes!

  8. y.I didn’t spend my cash flow to step in trash folk, these must last
    Bumping into people
    Not knowing where I’m going
    I keep looking down
    My attentions on money
    I didn’t spend my cash flow
    To step in trash folk
    These gotta last ‘ cause my ass is flat

  9. Shoes are rather interesting creations. So many kinds. Yet, I only own one pair.Why is that? Perhaps I should check out some this Fall. Or maybe I will save money and wear the only pair that I have. I can always apply stickers on them to match my outfits. Now we are talking!

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