best hair of the night

I’m fascinated by hair. Frequently when I go places I sneak photos of hair. The swirling pattern of growth at the back of a man’s head, the orange dye job on a set of dreadlocks, the silhouette someone’s hair makes against a setting sun. And this hair, which is a work of art. My secret is out.

Please leave a comment with your first 50 words on the topic “hair” or on some topic suggested by the photo.


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Hair”

  1. Mallory stood back, and smiling slightly, admired his latest work. Gone were her long blonde locks, the curls now littering the tiled floor. Her head, lolling to the side with dead eyes staring upwards, was now a lovely smooth dome.

    “Just a quick wash and dry” she’d said. “I’ve got my first date in four years tonight”.

  2. He was looking at her picture intently. It had been taken one New Year’s Eve, and she was standing with her back against a full-length mirror wearing a red strapless evening dress. She had long, curly brown hair at the time, and she was wearing it cascaded over her right shoulder.

    “I was in my forties when that picture was taken, and now my hair is short and gray.”

    The only word he whispered without taking his eyes from the photograph was, “Wow . . .”

  3. Her hair was always so limp and greasy. I want to tell her so badly but she is the nicest person to start working here. I don’t want to lose a friend already. Besides how do you bring that up in conversation, ‘Pass the report, your hair is yuck’. Nope.

  4. As I scratch my head, I realize it’s time. Not to wash my hair or perm ready but my hair is growing ready! Blessed are the ones with long hair. Blessed are the ones who imitates the latter buying products to assimilate their counterparts , for they not what they do. Raise your razors high! For Mach 3’s Turbo are prepared for battle. Bald Head Nation!

  5. Without hair I could save a lot of money. If a haircut costs me 10.00 a month, I could save 120 dollars a year. And if my children never got their hair cut…that would mean a savings of 360 dollars a year. After ten years, we would have 3600 dollars.After 20 years that would mean 7200 dollars. That is a nice chunk of money.Hmm..

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