Your turn

According to the principles of writing practice, writers are free to write anything they want. The goal is simply to write without judgement. The same thing applies to writing prompts. A prompt can be anything. A random word or phrase, a quote, a sign. As long writers respond to the prompt by writing something – it worked. So now its your turn. Leave a comment with some ideas for writing prompts that we can use next week. Got prompts? Share, please.

About first50

Writer and teacher who benefits from following the principles of writing practice set forth by Natalie Goldberg.
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5 Responses to Your turn

  1. cazzycoop says:

    a prompt I have previously used and managed to get a 5000 word short story out of: “don’t touch that!”

  2. Edwin Jeter says:

    Your Turn is significant, and it is a moment of opportunity that you must capture. It is your turn to shine and do what you do best. You never know when your turn will come around so preparation is imperative. Engaging preparation is definitely your turn to step toward satisfaction.

  3. Claire says:

    Norma was intently thinking about her next move when Cris chimed in. “It’s your turn to play!”
    “Give me a minute, will you!? Norma said exasperated.
    “You’ve already used your allotted minute given for your move, so technically you lost your turn!” Cris retorted.
    Norma glared at Cris, and in one swift move snapped closed the backgammon board. “There! That’s why I hate playing with sore losers!

  4. pampapam2 says:

    The sun was in their eyes.
    Twice the call had been sent upstairs, for them to come and bathe, the water was hot.
    But the duo seemed absorbed in their game .
    Warm breeze ruffled their hair, and a truck hooted somewhere on the ribbon of the highway, they could see from their terrace.
    Stuck in a rut, he made a lame move , and told her “Your turn.”
    Her eyes burnt, she knew he did it on purpose, so she could win.
    And not end up crying .

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