You’re getting me wet

The twins scrambled from the pool. They ran to their Aunt Lou when she emerged from the house.

“Aunt Lou!” they shouted. They hugged her legs and she bent down to give them each a kiss on their wet heads.

“You’re getting me wet,” she said, and pushed them away playfully. She pointed to her expensive slacks and her high heels, now sporting drops of chlorine laced water.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “You’re getting me wet”

  1. As the teacher rapidly entered the office to place her name on the sign-in sheet, she closed her umbrella and slightly maneuvered it. A voice from the chair positioned near the door said “you’re getting me wet” The teacher turned and looked in that direction and learned her best student was there to greet her.

  2. Her chocolate lab, Dudley, jumped out of his kiddy pool and started running frantically around the patio snatching his frisbee along the way. Right then and there, she knew exactly what was going to happen, so she picked up his ball. As he bounded in her direction, he dropped the frisbee by her feet and started to shake out the water from his fur.

    “You’re getting me wet, boy! she screamed, trying to move away from him. “Go get the ball! she hollered, giving her a chance to sneak into the house.

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