The curse

I showed a friend my black thumb. A casualty of shutting my car door on the poor thing. She said, “You know they’ve proved that it helps if you curse a lot when something hurts. It lessens the pain.”

That’s good, because I cursed a lot when I did it. Then I put ice on it. Cursing vs. ice – which do you think helped more?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “The curse”

  1. My grandfather, a Montana rancher, died from injuries in what was the last of his saloon brawls. My father, a man quick to anger, was killed by another angry man. I don’t know how far back the curse goes. I’m more concerned about how far forward it might go.

  2. The curse hurts for many years, but it will gracefully disappear with time. The curse, a jinx, is experienced by many people or groups. Some professional baseball teams have not won a championship in many years due to the curse. I believe if they keep working the curse will pass.

  3. Myra didn’t have an idea about the curse, so her mother recounted it for the first time.

    “When you were born that stormy night, one of the nurses assisting the doctor had been forced to return to work because they were short staffed. Her daughter was leaving for Europe, and she couldn’t accompany her to the airport. After a grueling experience, she thought that I was out from the exhausting delivery when I heard her mumble under her breath as she adjusted my IV: ‘I hope your daughter never has any children.’ I was shocked that a professional would utter something so malevolent, but I didn’t have the strength to retort.”

    “Mom, do you really believe in curses?”

    “Well . . . neither you nor your older sister can have children. What do you think?”

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