The Bills

Grandma Lou watched me paying bills online. She’s thinking about doing her bills this way. I told her it was easy – I think I converted her.

“These days,” she said, “there are so many bills we didn’t have in my day. Cell phones, internet connections, data plans. No wonder you young people are always broke.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “The Bills”

  1. There she was. Sitting at the paper-strewn dining room table when her husband walked in.
    “What are you doing, honey?
    “Balancing checkbooks and writing out checks to pay the bills. You know how much I love doing this, ” she said in a sarcastic tone while rolling her eyes.
    “I guess it’s a necessary evil, but you can do that online nowadays,” her husband said.
    “Well, let’s just say I’m old fashioned in that regard, and I think that the only necessary evil here is that we cut down on some of these unnecessary expenses so I wouldn’t have to write so many checks in the future.”

  2. The bills, a constant, arrive around the same time each month. Because some will last as long as life, they must be accepted as a significant part of it. We truly would like to avoid bills, but they serve useful purposes. Paying bills measures character, and it’s indicative of life.

  3. The Bills. As in a proper noun. As in the shitty NFL team. As in the team that I used to like. As in the team I used to like because I used to like him. Or love him. Or so I thought.
    The Bills. As in the team my roommate screams for and screams at every Sunday on the flat screen during football season. As in the team I now need to watch every Sunday as a result of the Bill- fanatic roommate. As in the team that I’m forced to include in at least the background noise of my quiet Sunday’s. As in the team that inevitably includes me in on painful memories of him. I hate the Bills.

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