She lowered her aching bones into a camp chair well away from the fire and looked up at the stars. This was why she spent her days hauling rocks and creating trails. So she could look up into the sky at night and feel wonder and peace. She listened to the others talking about plans for tomorrow and sighed with pleasure.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Stars”

  1. Snuggling close to Ken under the blankets, and looking up at the stars , Patty wondered how she got to this place . A romantic evening in the woods seemed like a good idea, until she began to miss her nice warm bed . Patty had asked for a surprise romantic evening . Well, here it was, under the stars, Ken snoring beside her .

  2. Tuesday. The scorching day had blackened and blistered the sky. My feet buried beneath warm sand, I looked up at the tortured sky dizzily and wondered when the rain would come. A few stars blinked beneath a light grey smoke. The rest were scattered like glitter on black sandpaper.

  3. A gentle breeze was blowing from the ocean caressing her face as she stood close to the balustrade on the porch. In the semidarkness, she looked up at the sky and saw that it was blanketed with stars. She could make out a few of the constellations, but the one shining brightest that evening was Scorpion, and it reminded her of him … It was his zodiac sign.

  4. Stars are bright guiding lights that bring enthusiasm and a thirst for life. Because the ocean is quiet and still sometimes, night hours spent there looking at the stars lifts spirits and revivify positive thoughts. Being there offers new life and eliminates negative experiences. It’s you, the ocean, and the stars.

  5. ” We are made from stars, a little magic and stardust,” she said.
    “You think I really believe that?” I replied, “I mean really??”
    Her pointy little elfin face seemed almost to fold into itself at my biting tone and negative retort. “We are, though.” She said quietly and more to herself or to no one as she stamped her foot and continued on with her nightly routine.

    I wondered why I didn’t believe in fairy tales and happy endings and why she wanted everything to always be rosy and beautiful.

  6. Really liked this vignette, especially the description of the character’s face after she hears the negative retort. The writing flows very nicely, and I’m just curious as to why the other character doesn’t see the wonder in certain things. Good story telling, IMHO.

  7. “Look at the stars, they will guide you.”
    “Kaise mama?”How?” It is pitch dark and I can’t see a thing.”
    The baby in her arms howled louder, the elder one clung to her hand like a limpet, arresting all movement.It was a bad idea. Taking them along for a late , post -dinner walk.But she needed the fresh air and she couldn’t leave them behind, alone in the house.
    Then there was this black-out, even the street lamps snuffed out. Wierd.
    “Our Father who art in heaven…”She sang softly,and the kids whimpered along, as she negotiated the dark strip of asphalt.

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