Here Comes the Sun

I pushed my trash barrel out to the alley and looked up at the still starry sky. The stars reminded me that the universe is vast and enduring. In the east, a trickle of light glowed behind the mountains, assuring me that the sun would rise again today. A deep breath of crisp morning air calmed me. Breathe.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun”

  1. Jasmine sprang up from her bed of pine needles and dew-covered moss. She fled the rustling sounds approaching her space of shattered solitude. The huntress had become prey. As she rushed forward out of the jungle’s thicket, she glanced up and saw the sky blushing as it welcomed the warmth of the sun. She turned back an eye over her shoulder after she reached a lone tree out in the open. The stalking beast in the jungle had curiously let her go without a chase. She knelt down in relief. A drop fell from the tree above, and she looked up. The water ran off her jawline, and the sun glistened upon her skin.

  2. Natalie cried for weeks till her eyes turned red.She just could not get over the sudden death of her late husband due to a tragic car accident. Her life was painted with dark and gloomy sky without the sun. Prince Charming came along to give sunshine and smiles again.

  3. I awoke almost daily to the sound of airport traffic and overcast skies. The sound of traffic slowly disappeared, and the overcast skies provided a calmness and peace as I completed my assigned tasks. As the group worked in the designated area, I waited for the sound of “Here Comes The Sun”

  4. This prompt reminds me of The Beatles song by the same title. It’s a happy song because whenever the sun is out, the day seems to be a little more pleasant.

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