I’ve been thinking a lot about the word compromise lately. Mainly I’ve thought about the misuse of the word. One misuse of the word is to throw it out in situations where it does not apply to make it seem that your position is reasonable.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

10 thoughts on “Compromise”

  1. It has been said that lasting relationships are fifty-fifty, but I believe a caveat to that rule should be added, as it only works if 50% of the time it is eighty/twenty, and 50% of the time it twenty/eighty. That is true compromise

  2. Marriage. Now that’s compromise. Long time marriages, nowadays, are difficult to encounter since lack of communication between couples, and people in general, is on the decline. It’s ironic, but in this age of advanced technology such as social media, smartphones and Skype, people are talking but not really saying much of anything. Unfortunately, we live in a disposable society; whenever something doesn’t seem to be working, we figure it’s better to throw it away instead of taking the time out to fix it. Let’s face it, they’re not making products like they used to, either, but getting back on track, youngsters are not being instilled with the values that were instilled in us when we were growing up, i.e., respect, consideration for fellow human beings and loyalty.

    1. Marriage can never be a compromise for those living happily with each other despite of being surrounded by modern tech.
      Regarding ethics and moral values of youngsters ,one should be as vigilant as a dog during their foundation years

      1. Thanks for your comment, Adam. You’re one of the few contributors in this forum that offers feedback. I appreciate you taking time out to read my post. Thanks again.

      2. One of the principles of writing practice is not to comment on other’s work. No judging, no internal editor telling you it isn’t good enough. Just write. Don’t listen to your monkey mind with it’s editorial input. Just write. That’s why there aren’t many comments on other people’s work here. Just write.

      3. With all due respect, my comment was directed as to the POV of the post and not to any expectations on my part as to how another reader would judge how it was written, there are other blogs for that. I apologize if I inadvertently committed any indiscretion.

      4. No apology needed. You did absolutely nothing wrong. I just wanted to explain why there isn’t much in the way of critiquing and commenting going on here.

  3. Compromising comes at a price with my daughter. We disagree on one issue regarding her son an my grandson. They both wake up in the worst of moods almost every morning. Within minutes they are goading each other over something very minor and before long she’s screaming not very nice things at him and he’s frustrated and crying. When I do give my opinion she turns to me and proceeds to tell me to but out. So I compromise and keep my mouth shut because other than their morning ritual between them they love and respect each other through the rest of the day.

  4. Compromise, an action, is engaged daily in different formats. It is my desire to seek compromise when it is truly linked to something worth profound reasoning. To reason is a way to reach sound decisions when necessary. Something special should be at risk when compromise is justified. This occurs frequently.

  5. Compromise is a necessity ,that we need to include in our life as a survivor. One can stop compromising when standing at the pinnacle of life.

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