Seconds before the police arrived – turns out the nosey-ass neighbor called them – she escaped his clutches and ran for the kitchen. The pepper shaker was the first thing she could grab and she threw it at him. It hit his head, cracked open, spilled pepper down his face with blood following close behind. The effect on him was beautiful . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Pepper”

  1. Leila didn’t like to describe herself as middle-aged, but rather, as vintage—like fine wine. Her salt and pepper short hair complemented her piercing green, almond-shaped eyes, and her hair’s natural waviness crowned her head with a fashionable elegance. Her curves were still in the right place, and she was very pleased with that.

    1. I love that she was vintage and sexy, comfortable in her not so brand new skin. That she has a lived a life that another saw in her, a subtle wisdom, confidence, a gentle quiet sexiness that roared like a saber-tooth beneath the elegence of a gal who had nothing to prove to anyone.

  2. Mike walked from the living room towards the kitchen, his stomach grumbling. He stopped in the doorway and looked over at the kitchen island. Lindsay was hovering over a bowl of uncooked scrambled eggs, one hand gripping the top of their brand-new salt and pepper grinder, the other secured on the bottom half, moving fast, twisting the knob around and around in circles. Her lips were pressed together, eyebrows furrowed.
    “Do you need any help, babe?” He asked, his voice soft with concern.
    “No,” she said. “It’s fine.” She slammed the pepper shaker down on the black-speckled granite counter top and looked up at him, her right hand on her waist.
    “I just really hate this thing. I have to break a sweat just to get a tiny bit of pepper. Just so stupid.”
    For a moment, the room was silent, except for the faint sound of a lawnmower humming from a nearby neighbor’s lawn.
    “You just had to have it.” He teased. “Couldn’t turn down such a great deal!” His smile was big. She shook her head as she let out a stifled laugh.

  3. She always followed me everywhere. She thought I didn’t notice her but I did, she truly was not very skilled at blending in or walking quietly, I always knew she was following me. I chose to act as if I hadn’t noticed, since she seemed so awkward and shy, as well as I guess I was a bit flattered that she chose me to worship. They called her Pepper, maybe because her face was peppered with freckles, little spots where the sun must have kissed her. She was known in the small town because her mother was a whore and a drunk, and nobody really knew for sure who was Pepper’s daddy, so the rumor had it.

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