The Details

It was the details that got to me. The way she moved her feet in those towering heels. The way her eyes glittered when she wanted to kiss me. The fire in her voice when she was angry. The way she walked with so much purpose down the hallways. The way she smiled when I pleased her.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “The Details”

  1. I didn’t want the gory details of his betrayal. I was helpless to his betrayal. He looked at me and all the walls of the fortress I’d erected within myself began to crumble. I looked at him as if he was the apocolypse and I nailed my self respect to the door of his nightmare ride. His words cut me like a serrated knife with each word he spoke of the details of his lustful romps with her.

  2. The interview had concluded and the man sitting behind the desk was looking over some of the notes he had jotted down on a legal pad as if analyzing some of the details Miranda had provided.
    “So Ms. De Leon, if you could summarize yourself in three words, what would those be?
    Without any hesitation she simply answered, “Hard-working, loyal and detail-oriented.”
    As he got up and extended his hand, the glint of a smile in his eyes assured Miranda that she had nailed it.

  3. The details enable the successful person. They actively assist with the solution of problems, mistakes, and even wrongdoings. Without the details any effort to accomplish viable goals would be impeded rapidly. The details are so significant that preparation without them seems to be fruitless and attainment impossible. Details mean achievement.

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