Five kids. Who has 5 kids these days? My mom, that’s who. Yeah, and I’m the oldest. Guess who gets to herd the littler ones, help in the kitchen, and be responsible for just about everything? Gaa! When I grow up I’m not having kids.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Five”

  1. Five is one of the most pleasant words representing our numerical system. It means something good and soothing. Give me five indicates a noteworthy accomplishment, and that makes everyone feel great. Take five relates to time off and the opportunity to do what you like to do. Five is great.

  2. The obnoxious sound of the alarm clock jolted her from a sound sleep. “Oh, God,” Patti slurred sleepily and pressed the snooze button, “just five more minutes.”

    She looked at the clock—5:00am. What an unGodly hour, she thought and ducked her head under the blankets. The next thing you know, the clock was sounding off with its blaring alarm once again. No use fighting it, she thought. Already in a bad mood, Patti got up and went straight into the shower.

    1. I can certainly relate to those mornings when the endless obligations of the day stretch out beyond me, overwhelming and the desire to give in and crawl beneath the coziness of my bed call to me….but like Patti, I just do what I must, and go out to face the day with all the feirceness my soul can muster!

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