Walk to Work

walking by sidewalk cafe

She wore a business suit and high heels as she walked beside the Chicago River. She followed the path used by joggers in shorts and running shoes. As she passed, I watched her peaceful face and decided that the first thing she had done that morning when she got to work was quit her job.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

9 thoughts on “Walk to Work”

  1. It rained like you wouldn’t believe — and trust me, I have fair knowledge of what you would and wouldn’t consider a lie –; thunders cracking the sky and raindrops kept on hitting her, mocking her, telling her in whispers that they just knew what she had done.

    She keeps on walking. Ignores them. Tells them to go to hell, and holds the revolver closer to her chest, in the small purple bag she carries. She’s soaking wet, but won’t take any cabs, won’t do a single thing that would mean she’d be locked with somebody.

    This is her job. And it’s done.

  2. The observation in the first person manifests dynamism because it describes a person In motion. Although nothing is said about the face, body, or mannerisms of the character, the conclusion that she seemed to be quitting her job left a lot to the imagination. Nice and tickling 50 words.

  3. Walk to Work was a theme tied to his name. It seemed as though he was born to walk to work. As he disappeared into the sloping landscape and walked westbound toward his job, the sunlight appeared in the east and made me aware that another challenging day had arrived.

  4. A walk to work at this point was not feasible. Not that it was far, but her age and her underlying medical conditions would not have allowed that, so she drove. She was counting the days until her retirement. The toxic working environment was really getting to her, and she could not wait to be able to focus on what she really liked to do.

    1. There was a certain simpleness, a subtle wisdom implied, as well as strength. I like this guy, whom seems a steady gentle guy, yet a rock of wisdom learned and quiet strength. Yes, you have started a cool character here. Good job!! 🙂

  5. Hmm so which session should I attend this morning? I sipped my coffee and perused the descriptions for this morning’s STC conference sessions. Having made up my mind, I took a brisk walk to the Markel Convention Center. Boy was a surprised when I saw the presenter for the first session that I attended. She didn’t quit her job. I wonder why she looked so peaceful on her walk.

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