The Writer’s Workshop

A room of one’s own – that’s all I need. A writer’s workshop where there’s no TV, no Legos underfoot, no distraction. If I had that, well, then I could write. I could drag words up out of my brain and put them on a page. If I had that.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “The Writer’s Workshop”

  1. In my case, a writer’s workshop could be anywhere inspiration hits. I don’t necessarily have to be by the computer in order to put ideas on a word document. Pen and paper suffices as my starting point so that the ideas don’t fade when the inspirational thoughts arise. If these accoutrements are not available when inspiration hits, then I revert to recording a voice memo. So far, these methods have worked for me.

  2. I ran an online writing retreat weekend at the end of October (25th -27th) called Inkspill…. from my blog, look out for it again next year. If you visit the pages the threads are all still there. 🙂
    Just find a lego free corner and let go.

  3. A writer’s workshop should be a place where imagination can roam free but at the same time focus on mastering the language and structure of different types of writing. I have not done many workshops, and I hope that I find one that teaches me both aesthetic and imaginative principles.

  4. The Writer’s Workshop is the place to visit when writers block is profoundly persistent. It is present when writers really want to write, yet they are lost for words. The workshop is a place where writers learn to overcome significant challenges, including writers block.
    All writers need the workshop.

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