Road Work

Driving home at 3 AM, stone sober, from my bar tending job, I saw the whole thing. The person in front of me slowed way down as we were approaching the road work signs. Instead of changing lanes and going around the big hole in the road, the car drifted slowly into the hole and tipped upright like you see it now.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Road Work”

  1. I’ve given up walking down streets with holes in them. I always fell in even though I knew they were there. It’s hell getting out. For a while I tip-toed carefully around those holes. Finally, older and wiser, I made a decision to walk down different streets.

  2. “Officer, please tell me again. Why did you stop me?”
    “Ma’am, do you see the sign right there? It says ‘Road Work: Speed Limit 25.’
    “Officer, do you see any work going on here?”
    “No, I have to agree. No work going on there at all. But that’s no excuse.”
    “Sir, here’s my excuse. I do have work to do and I have to get to it right now. If you want to help, just follow me home.”

  3. There it was by the train tracks—that dreaded yellow sign depicting “Road Work” in big, black letters. Sure enough, by the time Megan got to the area where the road work was taking place, there already was a backup. What is it about small towns when road construction is taking place? It seems that all the denizens of that particular town are out and about running their errands. Must find alternate route, Megan thought…

  4. Road Work is in the repertoire of the desirable, the one who wants to achieve the ultimate goal. Fitness, a necessity to reach the goals of the athletic and some others, is the result of serious road work. It happens during early morning hours when focus, peace, and accomplishment occur.

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