Not pumpkin, I’m thinking, not apple. No, give me pie with some bite. Maybe some nice tart cherries. Or rhubarb – now that’s a pie. How about lemon with a dash of extra lemon? That sounds good.

But when I get to the dining room I see pumpkin and apple on the sideboard.

Foiled again.

Please leave a comment with your first 50 words on the topic “pie.”


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Pie”

  1. It’s a “pie in the sky” idea, I know. But what if we just accepted everyone we meet to be a good person and treated him or her as such.? Don’t you think that the way we treat folks makes a difference in the way they see themselves? I do. I’m all for changing attitudes.

  2. A pie with zing…
    Key lime pie would be my thing.
    But since the festive occasion calls for pumpkin or apple
    I think I’ll have a helping of both before heading to the chapel. ⛪️

    1. Very cute! You are a poet and aren’t afraid to show it. 🙂
      Plus, I love the increasing sentence length! It made your poem visually appealing… it almost looks like a slice of pie.

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