Hitting a shovel on the highway when you’re going 75 mph does make quite a thump. It also rips holes in tires and scrapes paint off cars. So, to whoever dropped a shovel on Highway 84 yesterday, I found it. If you want it back, I know how I’d like to return it.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Shovel”

  1. Well that last post went through, so let me try this again.
    It was October in Connecticut. What had been stunningly beautiful foliage was now painted with snow. Lots of snow. Begrudgingly, I grabbed the shovel and promised myself to never be caught like this again. That very day, I made the decision to move to South Carolina. Nine months later I moved to Myrtle Beach and never looked back. Now, my most used implements are my golf clubs and I am living happily ever after. Life is good.

      1. Last night, intoxicated by the simple presence of a tall teenage boy in dark blue jeans, I made a wrong move. Without thinking, I dropped the unmistakable words, “I love you.” Before i could shovel myself out of my unfiltered mess of word vomit that i presumed to result in either a change of subject or a dramatic turn away, that boy looked down at me with his giant green and starry eyes and whispered “I love you more.” I never want to shovel myself out of this beautiful mess i’m in now. (:

  2. The flaming bush she had planted at the beginning of last fall had been in full bloom this year. She recalled having bought it at the local nursery and having taken the only round point shovel she owned to dig the hole to plant it. It had been arduous work, but the outcome had been worth it.

    The bright crimson foliage had sprouted in full splendor. She pondered on the wonderful gifts that nature gave and, as ephemeral as they were, the memory of their beauty seemed to always remain as an indelible image in her mind.

  3. Funny thing, those shovels on Highway 84 seem to fall from the sky. Last year some guy on his way home from work hit a shovel in the middle of the highway and lost control of his car. He landed upside down on the side of the road plowing right through the shallow grave I dug for my husband.

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