We have an ambivalent attitude toward sass. We like it in little girls and grown women, but we hate it in rebellious teenagers. What’s the difference there that makes a sassy teen rub us the wrong way?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Sass”

  1. More than sass, she had, what most of her friends considered her to have-, pizzazz. She had style, grace and projected strength and warmth. She definitely commanded respect when she stepped into a meeting or any other situation for that matter. She exuded the assurance of a woman comfortable in her own skin, and it showed.

  2. I hadn’t heard the word sass for a long time. It’s not one thats been popular lately. Yesterday I began to listen to “True Grit” the novel, on Audible. Matty, the 14 year old in the story, is told over and over she has “Sass” and that “Her sassy ways will get her a switching”.

    I think teens are allowed sass just as much as 7 year old and 70 year olds-if not more. Matty wouldn’t have succeeded in finding her fathers killer without her large degree of sass.

    If you haven’t read the book-just seen the John Wayne movie or the remake, do borrow a copy from the library or download it from Audible. It’s a wonderful story about a young girl with lots of sass and the meaning of Grit.

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