A bit of self-promotion

Dear reader, are you a blogger, too? Leave a comment with your URL. (Just one URL, or the comment won’t get past my spam filter.) I’d love to let you have a moment for self-promotion. I hope you’ll all check each other out with a visit.


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

18 thoughts on “A bit of self-promotion”

  1. I am a woman who likes to write in her 20s, who has Lupus and is trying to lose weight, and finds your prompts are a great way to express myself and take the stress out of my illness. I am writing a book, slowly, but surely. Thank you for your site!

  2. A bit of self-promotion is excellent for freelancers, including writers. It’s a way to introduce services and valuable skills to the public. To promote them viable vehicles must be used by the promoter. Twitter, Face Book, and blogs are available now for promotion of writing and other free lance work.

  3. I write a weekly blog mainly for the residents at the assisted living facility where i live. The problem I have is getting them to learn how to use the internet and computers in general. I get all the usual answers such as “I’m too old” or, “i don’t understand this new fangled stuff” or “what’s the internet”. One resident, who uses her i-pad all day to play games, had no idea she could connect to the center’s wifi system and when I showed her how, she just went back to her games.
    Not to sound self-promoting, how can I get more residents here online?. Repeated efforts to start computer classes have failed.

  4. Thank you for the opportunity, Virginia! I write several blogs, but the one I write on almost daily is Granny Sue’s News and Reviews. My topics are eclectic, from storytelling travels to poetry and stories, to recipes, life in the country, folklore and anything else that catches my interest.


  5. What a great opportunity, thank you. I have two blogs, one that I have had for about nine months and one that I just started yesterday. The new blog, Some Perspectacles, is being written in an anonymous fashion so I am not wiling to spread the word to friends and family and appreciate this opportunity to get the blog “out there” and hopefully gain some readers and some good feedback. Check the blog out at:

  6. Thanks for the opportunity. I’m working on a fledgling “Love Letter Project” at the moment. This project asks people to consider the greatest obstacle they’ve faced, and then write an open letter to help others overcome that obstacle. This is a chance for writers to reflect and support others with their experiences, not to mention great writing practice!

    Please drop by and have a look: http://www.theloveletterproject.ca/

  7. I just found your blog through Writer’s Digest. What a great idea! My blog is at juliabbb.wordpress.com
    I’m currently trying to acquire an agent for a middle grade novel and am working on the second in the series as well as an historical fiction novel for adults. Stop by, if you are so inclined, and thanks!

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