The Flip Flop

Happy Holidays, everyone. Keep writing and I’ll see you on the flip flop.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “The Flip Flop”

  1. Once upon a time far away in the magical kingdom of shoeville lived the footwear people. The people of shoeville were beatific under the rule of King Ed “the Mojari” and Queen Helen “the ballerina”. The king and the queen for their nobility were blessed by the shoemaker with a son. Prince Will “the Flip Flop”.

  2. ‘Hey Leftie, whats that underneath you?’ said Rightie.
    After a pause Leftie replied,’Dog poop, perhaps’.
    Both sighed then Leftie suggested to himself,’Man, he gotta learn to walk’.
    ‘Don’t Worry Man, we are in this mess together’ consoled Rightie and then added ,’Flip – Flops for life, man.’
    Leftie returned the same with a smile.

  3. She was barefoot when the truck stopped at her doorway and gave a blast of the horn.
    The bougainvilleas bent double.
    The exhaust was not helping either. The rose bushes sneezed , shook their heads , and continued to wilt under the onslaught of the poisonous fumes emanating from the nether end of the truck.
    Indignant and in complete haste, she slipped on her flip-flops,and rushed onto the porch.
    “Will you cut the engine please?”
    The Havildar behind the steering wheel, grinned at her dishevelled appearance , took one look at her flip-flops and cut the engine.
    He was certainly stifling a giggle, now why would he do that? She thought as she re-entered her home. A glance at her footwear told it all.
    Instead of her regular bathroom slippers, she had put on her daughters’ bunny flip-flops,the ears hanging loose around her ankles.

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