What the Fairy Said

Jackson pounded his gavel. “Silence. Order,” he shouted over the din.

The room quieted, although the group of brownies in the back corner squirmed and whispered.

“The chair recognizes Ellie.”

Ellie stood, raised herself to her full pixie height of 3 1/2 inches, and said, “I agree with what the fairy said. We have to sabotage the pipeline to protect ourselves.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “What the Fairy Said”

  1. The Fairy gathered the tooth from underneath Billy’s pillow. Then she wrote a note and placed it in an envelope with a fifty dollar bill. The note read “Dear Billy, tuck the money away in a safe place. You will be needing braces and they are very costly. And remember to brush after every meal. I love you, Your Tooth Fairy.”

  2. She had populated Jimmy’s dreams since he was a toddler, but when he had called out her name in his feverish delirium that night, she had materialized and was standing beside his hospital bed watching his restless sleep.

    He looked so diminutive and weak that she was compelled to put her hand on his forehead. A fluorescent bluish light emanated from his small body, and she heard him moan. “Meerah, Meerah…” Meerah smiled and kissed his forehead. “My pet, you’ll be going home.” And with that, she disappeared.

    The doctor examined Jimmy the next morning. “I’m happy to report that he’s fine,” he said addressing his parents. Looking at Jimmy, he said, “You’ll be going home, young man.”

    “That’s what the fairy said!” Jimmy answered in wide-eyed amazement. The doctor and the parents stood there with a stunned look on their faces.

  3. It was dark, the blackness of a closed coffin, eyes struggling to see. Outside of the farm cottage walls he heard horses clipping over cobbles, bridles jangling and wheels creaking as a wild wind rustled leaves like a dress pulled off by a lover. ..it continues here

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