Discover a Path

He slogged through the brush for hours. His shirt matted with sweat, his eyes dry and burning, he walked. He moved his feet. Endlessly. He saw trees ahead and discovered a path cut by animals heading toward a creek. Water. His feet moved faster and he stumbled down a steep bank toward life.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Discover a Path”

  1. The accident on the bridge had slowed everything down. All traffic was forced to detour, and this led her to discover a path that was unfamiliar to her, but at the same time, more inviting and tranquil; away from the hubbub of the highway and its insaneness.

    The fear of getting lost began to creep up on her, so she activated the GPS. She felt more at ease when she began to hear the familiar mechanical voice start to give her verbal directions. She would soon be home and ahead of schedule. With this knowledge, she decided to take this new-found route from work on a daily basis. It was definitely the way to go.

  2. This was not the package holiday he had envisaged when he’d signed up with Countryside Travels for the Urbane. He cursed, scrambled up and found himself nose to nose with a fox. Finally, his guide for the day! “Lead me to the pub, foxy friend,” he said light heartedly.

  3. Discover a Path to what you want to accomplish. This is necessity for the goal oriented. Because worthy goals are sometimes difficult to achieve, once the path is discovered the goal seeker must stay on course. No matter what obstacles are encountered, staying on the path will bring deserved success.

  4. “This is where the animals go,” he said, paint crusted on his tank top, crusted indifferently on his Jesus-looking shoulders, as he opened the bedroom door for her. The cheap plywood door with the Gaugin poster over the fist-hole she wouldn’t be around long enough to discover.

  5. Stable stared out at Coyote Buttes as they turned sanguine in the fading light. He spurred his pony and trotted down the trail to a discovered path into the Buttes’ crags. He blinked and held tight to the reins as he entered into the realm of shamans and the spirit of the Coyote Man.

  6. The more you workout the more cognizant one becomes of what to eat. For some reason fried chicken and cake doesn’t sit well after a 45 minute workout. Do these twice a day and it’ll combat the tempting desires. Just be prepared of the domino effect of unhealthy eating afterwards. Then you’ll realize, this isn’t the path I should be going. I’m contemplating on eating apple pie and fried ice cream as we speak .

  7. It was all trees ahead. She had hit a dead end. She was pretty sure of the directions sent to her in the letter. It clearly stated first left turn after crossing the motel.Now she sat behind the wheel, engine idling, staring at the dense jungle ahead. As soon as she swiched off the ignition, the riotous cacophony of crickets and frogs took over. She shivered as she pulled her jacket close.Sun had set and a small goat-path was visible through the trees. The highway was still deserted. She sighed and rummaged in her glove compartment for a torch……..

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