I completely blame my directional-impairment disability on Pike’s Peak. That landmark decorated the sky to the north of my childhood home. Now I live in a place where the mountains block the sky to the east. I’m constantly confused about what direction is what. Thanks, Pike’s Peak.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Landmarks”

  1. Honestly, if it weren’t for certain landmarks on the road when I’m traveling in an area not familiar to me, I would be completely disoriented. I’ve never had a good sense of direction, and God bless those of you who do. My prayers answered—the GPS, calling out when to turn and recalculating your route if you missed your turn. Technology is a wonderful thing, and this is just what I needed in my vintage years.

  2. Many of the landmarks that cover my city, remind me of him. If not a memory, but of a memory that could’ve been; these falsehoods bring me back to the times that he and I shared, before I had him put to death. The times that I took for granted.

  3. Landmarks are the reasons why navigation is realistic. Sometimes we need to refer to them in order to find our way. When it is dark and the street signs are difficult to read, landmarks become significant and necessary. Without them we will have a difficult time properly staying on course

  4. Even the migrating birds seem to need a land mark in order to navigate. There was this huge , imposing, gnarled gulmohar tree at the corner of our childhood home.During spring it would burst into gorgeous shades of red.A mammoth beacon of flaming red against the bright blue sky of early summer. One couldnt miss it .

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