The real reason she is a great traveling companion is her excitement over every new discovery, every new view, every meal, every ferry ride. She’s infectious and delightful. She’ll talk to the local dogs, pick up toy telephones from the roadside and hold conversations on them, race ahead and run back to urge us on. She’s perfect.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Excited”

  1. She and her ex luckily had a mutually-satisfying divorce. They could say ANYTHING because they were ALWAYS honest with each other. That’s why when, on that warmish November day, he told her that he’d seen “snow” on the weather map, she believed him. Why? Because that’s what her “ex sighted!”

  2. She opened her eyes and saw her chocolate lab looking at her. His tail started thumping happily on the mattress while his ears plastered themselves to the side of his head; a clear-cut sign that he’s excited. It’s his morning ritual, and it puts a smile on my face—everyday. It’s definitely a wonderful way to start the day.

  3. It seemed as though the Earth shook under foot as I climbed the uncountable number stairs and traversed winding tunnels to arrive at my destination. The massive, metal dragon had just come to screeching stop to release its latest victims from its iron grasp. I was just moments away from my first roller coaster ride….

  4. The leader was the key to excitement being generated. Excited is the way he approached daily endeavors. The enthusiastic attitude caused by this approach was passed along to everyone involved. Objectives were accomplished with smiles and pleasant attitudes. Even though the threat of going to war existed, everyone remained excited.

  5. Shivering, she emerged from the bathroom, all rosy cheeked and wide eyed. A couple of minutes later she was trying to help herself into crisp white starched shirt,her tiny hand fumbling at the unfamiliar buttons, chatting excitedly about the’ new school’.Drops of water from her freshly washed hair still sprayed around as she proudly whirled in front of her papa in the drawing room, showing off her cute green skirt.The school bus honked loudly even as i tied the last shoe lace…

  6. Jane was excited to see her father again after 20 years. His flight was due in any moment now.
    She imagined this day coming, playing over and over in her mind the words she would say to let
    him know how glad she was he was back in her life. All the harsh words between them, the silence
    that’s gone on for al these years, maybe now they could put it all behind them and stat freash.
    After all he was her father and no one could change that, Jane glanced over the apartment making
    sure every detail was in order. It mattered to her what her daddy thought, even after all this time
    had stood

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