How to Raise a Unicorn

A dozen newly weaned unicorns were unloaded off the truck into the south pasture. After weaning, a unicorn’s horn grows at a rate of about 1″ per day until it reaches full size.

Not everybody has the right kind of fence for a herd of unicorns – we do. And we know how to keep those sharp daggerish horns away from the horses.

That’s just part of the reason why we are the premier unicorn growers in the district. This article will explain how we do what we do. . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “How to Raise a Unicorn”

  1. This one was called’ Arnie’, for obvious reasons. In a flock of white sivery haired and doe eyed angelic beauties, this unicorn would charge at anything unfamiliar.From Stella’s new silver feeding trough to Gus’s freshly painted stable door.It was comical how , as a baby, he had impaled these said objects with its singular sturdy horn, waiting helplessly, for some one to come along and extricate him,creating one helluva racket in the meanwhile.Loud neighs and accompanying clangs sending his normally docile and quiet stable mates scurrying for cover…….

  2. Robilard trotted around the fenced area happily when he spotted Aymin as she walked towards the enclosure with bridle in hand. The sun intermittently hid behind some passing clouds and the ensuing glare ricocheted off his magnificent horn and flowing black mane giving the impression of a wielded torch.

    Aymin had found the unicorn in the forest one crisp autumn afternoon. She had dropped her backpack in her room after coming home from school and darted out of the house in the hopes of collecting as many fallen leaves as possible for her school project. Instead, she had found him ensnared by a tree vine. She liberated him, brought him home and, with the help of her wise grandfather, learned how to raise a unicorn. The magnificent stallion now standing before her was the product of her grandfather’s teachings.

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