Cat Bath

Nobody in their right mind gives a cat a bath. But she did. About once a year she would drag the cat into the shower with her and scrub her down. It sounds like an act of heroism, but this particular cat was declawed, so only teeth could be used against the indignity of water. It was always a shock to see what color the cat was when she was clean.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Cat Bath”

  1. Cat Bath:

    After volunteering for a bio-engineering project at her local university Kitty was able to re-grow her claws and fangs at will. Concentrating hard, she managed to elongate her fangs to sabre-tooth strength. With the first droplets of bath water staining Kitty’s fur her owner had signed her own death warrant.

  2. Little did anyone know how much Kitty had changed. When the small pebble like meteor landed close by, Kitty pounced on it playfully as any cat would. Now with DNA mutated by gamma radiation Kitty was startled when, reacting with water, a star burst of light exploded against his human. Bath time was over as his master laid on the floor in a pile of translucent skin.

  3. Tina watched in silence as her cat, Cleo, lazily licked her right paw a few times before she passed it briskly on her whiskers. Tina knew that this was the signature commencement of her cat bath.

    She could be there for a good period of time before she would be satisfied that she did a job well done. She would then climb on the sofa, knead her blanket and, finally, curl up and fall asleep. Animals are such creatures of habit, aren’t they?

  4. I watched her lathering her belly for the sixth time this week. She had to be stopped! Creeping closer, I pounced, landing in the bath with a splash, my hands around her furry throat. Her eyes bulged. Kitty would NEVER get her paws on Aunty Mildred’s stinky lavender soap again!

  5. And that’s normally how it went. The cat would hide for a few days. Food bowls mysteriously empty in the morning when they were full the night before. But the next morning she walked into her bathroom to find her cat sitting in the shower expectantly looking back at her.

  6. The cat purred and made her eyes all “cute” and helpless and Sarah for once thought of abandoning this yearly routine.But then the layers upon layers of dusty fur caught her eyes and she made up her mind to commit the “evil” act.As the first droplets of cold water trickled down the spine of the cat she shriveled up like a ball of fur cussing and purring against the cruelty of the world.

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