The Band

“I tried every instrument, but I was best on the trumpet.” Kia was enthusiastic, “So can I join the band and play the trumpet?”

She smiled at her daughter over Skype – so far away and yet so near. “I think that’s a great idea. Of course you can be in band.”

Kia frowned. “There’s a band camp the first week of August that will be a conflict with your show in Venice.” Kia gestured to someone out of the view of the camera and her mother walked into view. “Can you and Grandma work out something about that week?”

She . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “The Band”

  1. All her friends had learnt to play the flute and were in the school band. The march past songs , the retreat, the national anthem , they played it all with such alacrity and expertise, nimble fingers moving over the holes with such ease,cheeks puffed up in consternation and effort.She had missed the classes, as she had been down with typhoid. They were all there in the band, all her classmates. She sighed . Next moment her mind was made up. She got up, brushed her skirt and approached the formidable Benjamin sir, the band master.An ex-armyman, sir had a stern disposition………

  2. After the band finished playing their pop music set, they broke into Chicago’s “Color My World.” I hadn’t heard that song in such a long time, and it catapulted me to my youth. I pulled my husband to the dance floor, and he reluctantly followed. I knew it by the resistance in his walk, but he surrendered, nevertheless, and by the end of the song, we had melted into each other’s arms.

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