Attack Fern

the attack fern

It’s reaching for me, ready to wrap me in its spiny grasp, tickle me with its grassy leaves, tie me to my office chair until one of us expires from dehydration. HELP!

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Attack Fern”

  1. Who would have thought that an innocent looking fern, sitting unobtrusively in a corner , could invite so much of ire from someone.One fine morning, he just got up from his swivel chair , bent down, grabbed the spiny stalks with his bare hands and proceeded to pull it off the soil.We all thought he’d lost it. “Why is he attacking the fern” someone in the crowd asked…

  2. The attack fern looked defeated, dehydrated, downtrodden. Since his owner had been taken to the hospital, no one had tended to him. He was losing his strength fast, He was ready to give up when he heard the front door open and shut. He heard footsteps approaching, and he saw a woman with a watering can, and as she proceeded to water him, he looked in anticipation to his next victim…

  3. Staring at me fiercely, persistently, I am unable to escape. Does it want water? To be spoken to? A friend? There must be a message that it’s trying to send me. There always is. I nervously carry it to a window, hoping that it will forget about my neglect, or find a new victim. Yet it leaves behind spies, spies that hide under my desk, watching me cross my legs.

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