Warm breeze

Sweat stung his eyes, his knees ached, his hands were scraped and raw, and the warm breeze did little to cool him off. He looked up at the sandstone cliff he still had to climb before he got back to the road. He wondered if he would make it to the top. He searched for a path up the rock that seemed less steep, less daunting.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Warm breeze”

  1. It was the beginning of summer.The baby mangoes lazily hung low from the branches like funny lanterns. An insect buzzed in his ear incessantly. A warm breeze blew into his face, ruffling his hair as the breeze described small circles, swirling mini whirl winds of dust and rubbish on the road ahead. He could not put his finger on it , maybe the dust or the heat, or just the breeze heavily laden with the smell of flowers, paddy field and cowdung, he was finally at home…..

  2. The warm breeze arrived in the early morning hours before dawn. At that time we all realized that home was many miles away, and it would be a while before we get there. The task at hand was meaningful and important. The warm breeze alerted everybody, and everyone was confident.

  3. The scent of lavender and thyme wafted along the warm Provençal breeze. James, expatriated from America in search of the artist’s life, carried his wife’s ashes in a porcelain urn decorated with scenes from the English countryside. “Out of place,” he thought as he looked out over the French fields that lined the country road. The spot lay just ahead where he would say goodbye to his wife for the last time.

  4. Carrie was sitting at her computer wishing she were somewhere else while one fantasy kept circling around in her head…a view from a bay window of a bungalow, which revealed a sun-drenched stretch of deserted beach. There they were, lying on a four-poster bed locked in a deep and passionate kiss while a gentle warm breeze wafted the bed’s diaphanous mosquito netting resembling hushed waves. Their intertwined naked bodies were in the ultimate preamble that always culminated in awakening all those dormant desires…

    “Carrie, is the report finished yet? Carrie?”

    “Hmm?” Carrie turned to face her boss with a blank look on her face realizing that it was going to be a long day.

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