Ornate Wooden Windows

The lilac bush was perfect cover. He slipped behind it and stood on tiptoes to look through the ornate wooden window. There she was! She pulled off her clothes and slipped a lacy nightgown over her head. He smiled. His timing was perfect tonight. He . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Ornate Wooden Windows”

  1. It reminded her of the ornate ‘jharokhas”(windows) in the Rajasthani palaces of yore.Probably it had been picked up from one of those flea markets that mushroom around, all tourist hot spots ,selling souvenirs. There were wooden flowers, intertwining vines and; inexplicably; some pretty faces peering out from the borders. His friend, tastefully, had not used the wooden jharokha to frame a mirror, window or picture. It was hung on a plain white washed wall , so all its beauty was enhanced by the starkness of the surroundings……..

  2. …inhaled deeply; the lilac and her perfume were intoxicating! He clung onto the tree trunk, his knees shaking with longing for her, but his hay fever emerged in spite of anti-histamine precautions. He sneezed, recoiled, watched – a great dollop of grey-green snot landed with a splash on her ornate window frame.

  3. The octogenarian sat in her rocking chair looking through the ornate wooden windows of her bedroom at the unkempt English garden below. It saddened her to see how her once-lush, colorful paradise had ended up in this condition.

    The truth was that her son and daughter-in-law didn’t care much for beauty or up-keeping the garden she had so painstakingly tended to until she could no longer do it due to her declining health. Aesthetics didn’t matter to them.

    If only they knew, that a little beauty would make her life a little more bearable. She felt as if she was going toe-to-toe with her garden, and she was ready to check out…

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