Honey bear

She struggled with arthritic hands to squeeze honey out of a bear’s head and into her tea. Fond memories of days when honey came in a jar you could dip a spoon into filled her mind. She reminded herself to look on the internet for a source of honey that didn’t require squeezing a plastic bottle. As she . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Honey bear”

  1. Honey Bear is his name. The sandy brown mutt that hangs around the barren dirt patch between my house and Uncle Chuck’s. Nothing grows there. Not even weeds. It’s just a big, empty scar on the earth. There’s something about it for sure. And the way Honey Bear sleeps in the dead center of it every night as if he were protecting something sacred.

  2. “Honey bear” was his pet name for me. At first I took offense at the “bear” part fearing that it referenced my plus size stature. He claimed it was because I was just the right parts of cuddly and protective. Unfortunately, I wasn’t protective enough on that day that changed….

  3. – Ok, let’s go through your story again Mr. Schultz.
    – Fine.
    This morning, my wife and I, we were hiking in the Solitude Mountain when she asked to stop for a lunch because she was starving but I said we should keep going and only stop after finding a safe place, not in the middle of nowhere. So, as usual, she started to cry and scream. So noisy that she started to attract attention from the animals. I desperately tried to stop her from screaming and that’s why we felt on the ground when suddenly I hear two words: “honey, bear!”.
    So I rolled to the right to see at the very moment the beast was attacking with his claw, dividing my wife in two pieces. I just ran like a crazy crossing the river and now I am here.

  4. The worker bees went for miles around to collect the nectar to manufacture this golden honey that the greedy bear was scooping up with his paws and licking cleanly into his cavernous jaws that were a mass of brown hair now very sticky with the residue of honey~A cloud of stinging fury attacked.

  5. He came home earlier that Friday afternoon as planned, which made her happy. They decided to make dinner together then cuddling up on the couch to watch a good movie. The perfect segue to ending a busy week. To her, he was her honey bear and to him, she was his honey bunny. He was portly and charming; she was petite and witty. They definitely complemented each other, and they knew it.

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