How Long?

“How long does it take you to adjust to this damnable time change every year?”

“Oh, a few days I guess. Why?”

“I’m wondering how long it will be until I can get my kids to bed on time and actually have them fall asleep.”

“Yeah, that’s a hard one. Here’s an idea . . .  ”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

12 thoughts on “How Long?”

  1. “How long before I feel normal again?” Jules asked me in between shakes and dry heaves. I was holding her matted hair back in a ponytail with my fist while she cradled the toilet waiting for the next wave to overtake her.

    “Soon,” I told her. “Keep your head up, kiddo. It gets easier. One day at a time.” Truth was, I was blitzed out of my gourd; I had three lines of meth and six mini’s of Absolut in me at that moment. It never gets easier. You just get better at hiding it.

  2. How long do I have to wait for fate to come to my rescue. My wish is to have the inspiration and the time to express my thoughts into the book that is buzzing around in my brain cells. I know the road will be hard and long but the determination is very strong.

  3. “How long, Oh America,” my mom used to say when we had to wait for anything. I didn’t realize it then, but I guess it was a song back in the day. My dad would just say “por favor,” so I grew up assuming it meant “hurry up” in Spanish.

  4. “How long, how long, will I slide? Separate my side, I don’t…”
    *sound of changing radio station*
    “Billy jean is not my lover…”
    Oh come on dad! I love that song!!! Why did you change? Let me…
    *sound of changing radio station*
    You don’t ever touch my radio again you little piece of sh*t!
    *boy crying*
    I am so sorry son!… That’s how my dad used to treat me and I am making the same mistake again…
    *man crying*

    The lights of the auditorium turns on and the speaker ends his talk by saying:
    “No matter how much you apologise to someone, it is always hard to come back to the stage before hurting, so please be mindful before saying words that you know will hurt someone. Thanks everyone! You may ask your questions now…”

  5. How long before I get responses from readers, editors, librarians, bloggers, all those contacts I have made in the past month promoting, informing, updating, keeping fingers crossed about the success of my debut novel. The wait can be agonizingly slow. Don’t they know how important this is?

  6. “Wow, how long are you going for?”.
    “I’ve just been approved for the two year Visa, so thats my Maximum”
    “Oh my gosh that’s too long, what will I do with out you?”.
    “I know I’ll miss you too but I’m trying not to think about it, thats tomorrows problem”.

  7. The car window had fogged over with her persistent breathing,leaving a smudgy round blob where her nose pressed against the glass. Merrily she proceeded to write her name on the foggy surface; with her fingertip squeaking against the glass; cleaned so painstakingly, in the morning , before the drive.One look in the rear view mirror and he sighed. How long till the kids grow up? How long till they behave responsibly……

  8. How long? Everybody is moving very fast and swiftly. Due to this, time is a major concern. Wondering how long profoundly demonstrates a concern for time. Our society is fast paced, goal oriented, and savors positive end results. Having several responsibilities and limited time, how long is a proper concern.

  9. The interview came to an end, and Rich sat nervously in the chair.

    “Do you have any questions for me, Mr. Grant?” the interviewer asked.

    “Just one.” Rich said. “How long before I receive any news regarding the position?”

    “Hard to say from my end, Mr. Grant, but our policy is that Human Resources takes care of making the calls to inform an applicant if they’ve been hired or not. No one is left hanging.”

    “Good to know, sir. Thanks for your time and attention.” He turned and walked down the stairs with a heavy heart. The evasive answer led him to think that he was not going to be called, so the search will continue.

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