Thousand Year Old

God, archaeology was boring. Shifting through rocks and dirt on your knees. Why had she thought an intern job with an archaeologist would be a fun way to spend the summer?

She moved a hunk of sandstone and peered into a perfectly preserved basket full of thousand year old vegetables. Squash, beans, grains – all still whole.

She stood up and started shouting.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

9 thoughts on “Thousand Year Old”

  1. The ground had been dug up. There were unsightly mounds of mud surrounding the place. A little way off , a group of saffron clad buddhist monks sat in the clearing, chanting hymns.I could feel goose bumps as I entered the dimly lit sanctum sanctorum. There were pockets of careful excavations being carried out quietly, even the sound of drills was muffled, keeping the religious sanctity of the place in view. They had just entered the birthing chamber of Lord Buddha. A wooden statue of the mother and baby Buddha marked the spot. A pale bulb lit up the cornice. A simple stone marker. My daughter whispered-“this must be at least a thousand years old mama.” “Older”!! a gruff voice adjoined behind her. We turned………..

  2. One thousand years ago in the year 1014 in a windy county on the East coast of England~Lady Eleanor returned home in tears to the surprise of her mother the Grand Dame. I have lost my eternity ring that my Papa the Duke presented to me on my birthday.

    Will he be very angry?

    A thousand years passed as a second in the infinity of time. Something caught the eye and clinked on the spade as the garden was dressed for planting. An interesting weather beaten, mud encrusted object in the dirt turned over by the spade. The gardener smiled as he cleaned an unusual ring~~

    I will hold on to that for luck,

    Then he threaded this piece of dirt encrusted mystery on his keyring as a keepsake, without the slightest inkling that he had a thousand years of history in his pocket. An object that had been sadly missed and generated floods of a maiden’s tears, with loving forgiveness from her father.

    A ring forgotten after one thousand years.

  3. I am the one who binds you in the agony of living in the darkness without a sound, nor a sight.
    I make you miserable and sad. Scream is forbidden because I stitch your mouth. Can you feel the pain? Of course you can but you cannot cry as I removed your eyeballs though.
    You live under my dark cloth side by side with my thousand year old sword named “Delusion Maker”.

  4. Having visited Chinatown in New York when I was a teenager, I remember having heard of the thousand year old or the hundred year old egg when I visited a Chinese grocery store. I found out that in reality neither one of these names for the egg is accurate because it’s more like the hundred day old egg for it takes that amount of time to make.

    A regular egg from a chicken, duck or goose can be chosen and covered with lime, ashes and salt. It is then buried shallowly in the ground for about 100 days. The lime petrifies the egg while the egg white turns into a copper tinted gel and the yoke into a pasty grayish green. The egg is then uncovered and clean. In this state, it can keep fresh at room temperature for up to two weeks or a full month when refrigerated. It can be eaten plain or served as slices mixed with hot congee and soy sauce.

    I like eggs, but I think I’ll pass on this one.

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