Court and Spark

Just down the block from my office a new place called Court and Spark opened up. I keep seeing more and more people going in there, especially when I’m out walking around during my lunch hour. Today I went in for a look. In the front, it’s a fondue place. You huddle around a fondue pot and cook your whatever. In the back, it’s a pickle ball court. You can see the people dashing around the court through big windows while you nosh in front.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Court and Spark”

  1. “Wait!” dignified old lady hissed, pulled the sleeve of smiling old man by her side. He was eager to walk into this new place with the romantic title over the door. “Why, would you think ‘court and spark’ means the same to you as to kids who named it?” Pulling her close, he whispered, “I was hoping.”

  2. And here I thought Court and Spark was only a Joni Mitchell album from the 1970’s. Not sure what a pickle bar is (court) but sparks usually fly from the fondue pots, I’m sure. Not sure that this restaurant/work out place will last but good luck, mate!

  3. When I first set eyes on her my desire was sparked to a fusion of heightened levels. I began to court her with chocolates and flowers sparking a mutual response. We are still together after many years of our court and spark relationship. Sparking into an intellectual and loving union.

  4. Court and Spark were the names of Leila’s two Rottweilers. They had come from the same litter and were very close. Serving as her constant companions since they were 7 weeks old, now at 2 years of age, they possessed this grandiose appearance and were very intelligent. Leila considered them to be her bodyguards because they were very protective and territorial.

    She lived for them and they, in turn, gave her their unconditional love and affection—the one thing that these wonderful creatures excel at. She thanked God every chance she got to have been blessed with her dogs—her angels here on earth.

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