Joshua painted his bedroom walls blue. That blue. The shade that matches the color in my bedroom as a kid. That color gives me the creeps.

I told Joshua he had to change the color or I was out of there.

I’m currently looking for a new boyfriend. Think I should join an online dating service?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

10 thoughts on “Blue”

  1. All I need to know about the power of the color blue, I learned in the 1990s from Komar and Melamid, Russian artists. Many believed they had their finger(s) on the zeitgeist: people everywhere preferred blue in paintings over all other colors in the rainbow. But that was the 20th century.

  2. Blue. The color of his eyes. Not the bright cerulean blue of movie stars, but a clear steely gray-blue that looks right through you and pulls you in at the same time. The more I looked into those eyes, the more I began to notice they were also guarded.

  3. Blue was the colour of skirts people wore as the part of uniform in my new school. It was also the colour of apprehension, anticipation and the colour of being mocked at by your peers. It drilled into me a fear of failure, a fear of not merging into the crowd and a fear of strange, skirt clad anglo indian teachers. I hated blue and i hated the new school…….

  4. I call it Arctic blue, a deep sort of liquid-looking blue, clear, almost like a mountain stream (or what I imagine a mountain stream to look like, high up near the peaks). My New Year’s resolution this year is ……before work every morning, I now take a walk along the path leading into the woods by my apartment and the banks of snow/ice lining that path are shaded in this magical blue color………a morning mediation!

  5. Blue is the colour of my curtains. I am glad I choose this natural colour to fit a typical English home concept making everything looks cozy. It used to be my favorite color when I was a little girl. Go out and gaze at the sky. How do you feel?

  6. Earth from Space is a tiny blue jewel standing out among the trillions of specks that make up the Universe~We are born on a watery planet, yet we are not designed to live in water. The beautiful blue seen from the darkness of space is the reflection of blue water~~

  7. “Blew! Bleeeeeewwwww!” said Anna, a dedicated English teacher losing her “cool” because her son can’t figure out the difference between “Blew” and “Blue”.
    Oh, did I say “dedicated English teacher”? Well, I meant that in a way that she really is a good teacher for the kids of Saint Johannes Primary School but her son is another story. “He should learn by osmosis, he is my son after all” – thinks Anna.

  8. Odd that such a lovely color that fills sky and sea and foretells the coming of baby boys can also mean sadness. The irony didn’t escape me as I looked around the empty nursery, the walls painted cornflower. The emptiness echoing the emptiness inside of me, where he once was.

  9. Blue perks me up. A blue sky is intriguing, peaceful and pleasant to see. It causes thoughts of nice days and excellent weather, when people want to be out and about. Plenty of bright smiles and great attitudes are exhibited when the sky is blue and the weather is great.

  10. Blue had always been Lydia’s favorite color. Maybe it was because her eyes were a beautiful cerulean shade or maybe it was because the different shades of blue of her clothes looked good on her alabaster skin.

    She was surprised when she discovered that this color was also equated with melancholy, sadness and depression. This never really fazed her since she felt that blue was a soothing color on the eyes. All she had to do was look at a clear sky or a calm ocean. To her, it was instant relaxation.

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