Big Yellow Taxi

He stepped off the curb into the path of a big yellow taxi. Brakes squealed, there was shouting. Honking began immediately. He reacted to none of it but continued walking and crossed the street unharmed. He never looked up. He didn’t seem to know he’d almost died and that a street full of angry drivers were shouting at him.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Big Yellow Taxi”

  1. They don’t make them like this anymore! I got in the back seat of a “big, yellow taxi”, feeling myself bouncing on the cushion, sort of lifted up off the ground, staring down at the pedestrians walking along the sidewalks. “Saks Fifth Avenue!”, I told the driver and he tipped his cap to me. Sort of a visor-like cap, I noticed and also noticed he was an elegant looking man……….so unlike the normal New York City taxi driver that I almost felt I had stepped back in time.

  2. One of the most striking feature of landing at Howrah railway station is rows upon rows of yellow taxis. Unchanged over so many years, they have ferried generations of residents back and forth.
    Another important feature is the appearance of the station itself . It reminds one of the ornate and imposing architecture reminiscent of the British buildings of yore. It is said to have been modelled on the Kings’ Cross…………….

  3. London city~ I hailed a black cab from the curb on a very busy street. The driver leaned over, “Where to ?” Just drive around the city please I would like to see the sights~Big Ben , London Bridge and the famous Buckingham Palace. Joni Mitchell was singing “Big Yellow Taxi” through my headphones, I love that song~~~

  4. The road was full of big yellow taxis waiting for passengers in front of the airport. There were so many, but still they took the same one. She noticed him, only when the driver pulled out of the driveway. Didn’t the driver noticed? Or did he think they belonged together? And why was this stranger now smiling at her?

  5. The big, yellow taxi was just that. It was one of those old fashioned taxis that used to be so prevalent in the City back in the 1960’s. There was really a lot of leg room in those puppies. I recall them being quite comfortable and the seats being very bouncy. There were no partitions separating the front seat from the back seat. Simpler times. Simpler times…

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