Both Sides, Now

“Stop being so damn fair-minded!” Red-faced and strident, she got in my face. “You cannot consider both sides. Not now! You have to just help me. Right now. Without asking questions.”

She stopped spitting words at me and waited. It was against all my instincts, but I said, “Okay. Let’s do it.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Both Sides, Now”

  1. On the radio that horrible song, “Both Sides Now” was playing …..I am a Joni Mitchell fan but this song was just grating on my nerves today, especially during the conversation I was now having with my ex. He seemed to feel that me picking him up from the airport to visit his father was an acceptable request to ask of me. I begged to differ!

  2. It is 1982, first school day after summer and this is the day every gang member was expecting. Their holidays were just about physical training and martial arts practice. An epic battle is about to happen between two legendary gang groups.
    “The 11th hour riders”: Skateboarders from 14 to 19 years old. They are carrying their skateboards, clubs and iron bars.
    “Sh*t Punk Rock Smells”: A group of punks from 16 to 22 years old. The group has older members but they are all in jail or spread over the country as fugitives. They don’t respect anything or anyone.

  3. A cold evening after a night out at the theatre, Marmite on toast and a nice cup of tea. I butter the toast on both sides now, just lightly, to get a flavour on the bottom of the slices, Then, thick oodles of butter on top and a coating of Marmite. Washed down with the tea, Heaven on a Winters night.

  4. They rush into the house in a flurry of bags, water bottles, blazers and high pitched unintelligible words hurled at each other with increasing frenzy. I get up with a sigh from the dining table. The words have shortened to “yes!! you are ” and” no! i am not” , the pitch and volume having reached a crescendo. My poor husband yells from the dining table, his mouth full, “silence! both sides, now!! A temporary lull in the chaos ensues……….

  5. All I thought about when I saw this prompt was Joni Mitchell’s song, Both Sides, Now. It had a catchy tune, but i can’t recall the lyrics that well. If I’m not mistaken, all I recall from her singing was the she had illusions of life or love and that she really didn’t know life or love that well. I guess that’s somewhat sad.

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