An Accent

“Is that a Manchester accent?” he asked.

She ignored his question and returned one of her own. One more to the point.

Again he deflected her question with another off-topic question of his own. This one more inappropriate than the last. She rearranged her face to show no expression and again asked a relevant question.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “An Accent”

  1. “Salt!”, he demanded….”I need salt for this meat!” “Why?”, I asked, hoping he would calm down enough to let me know why he was craving salt (certainly not on his diet I might add). “This meat needs an accent to flavor it a bit more!” “I grilled the meat and got it on sale from the butcher, but I certainly don’t find it tough at all!”, I mentioned. “Did I say it was tough? No, I said it needed an accent to flavor it!” An accent?

  2. The group of unruly teenagers giggled nervously. He was a new teacher and it was a risk to offend him. At the same time, one couldn’t let go of the oppurtunity to laugh at one. “What is it with the accent?”My companion leaned and whispered into my ears.”Rural bengal”I whispered back , with a straight face………

  3. To accentuate the positive allows the honing and improving of the good parts of a person. The parts of my writing I like I will highlight and improve. I will think using a positive accent of thought process, before I eliminate the negative and unwanted. I speak with an English accent inbred and difficult to change. When I write I colour the words with an English unspoken accent.

  4. What an accent! The way she said anything, anything at all, was just so damn sexy. I never knew an Australian accent could make somebody so hot. I saw a picture of her before we got set up and, don’t get me wrong, she was great looking, but that accent just put her over the top! For God’s sake, she even made the word, pepper, sound sexy. I hope I didn’t make too much of a fool out of myself. Seriously, this girl’s it for me. I’m in love.

  5. “Can I paint my apartment?” I asked the landlord as she led me through #225. There was nothing special about the 2/2 overlooking the pool at Placedo Gardens. Same floor plan as every other apartment I’d ever lived in. Same sad brown carpet. Same rusty appliances that had been propped up and rigged for one more turnkey. All I wanted was permission to paint the walls. Just one freakin’ accent wall of glorious turquiose. Was that so much to ask?

  6. She had the same alluring accent that had reeled him in 20 years ago. In his eyes, she was still beautiful and sexy in a more mature way, and she still had the same sway of her hips when she walked that excited him so much. He knew she was comfortable in her not so young skin, and it made him proud to have her walk hand in hand by his side.

    He looked at her sadly from a distance and thought how he was going to miss her. He could not bring himself to tell her the truth. At least, until he could not hold out any longer. In the meantime, he would continue living the lie of his impending death and wait in silence until it came to claim him.

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