One Liners

He used one-liners from movies for everything. It was as if he never had an original thought, but could only regurgitate things he’d memorized. The strange thing was, it was always appropriate. It always worked in the context where he used it. He could learn the entire dialog from a movie in just one viewing. I once asked him if he didn’t start talking until he was old enough to watch movies, but his response was a line from War of the Worlds.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “One Liners”

  1. “Now a tune that never goes out of favor, the ever popular Star Dust!”, he chortled……..”Well,”, I answered….that IS apropos….(apropos of nothing I thought to myself).
    Neal was popular cause of his “one liners” but I really thought they were just borrowed creativity. Anyone could spend their weekends watching movie after movie, but not everyone could do what I did.

  2. I remember Mr QUELCH our fourth form English teacher. A man almost due for retirement, very hard-bitten and carrying the verbal scars of many weary years experience. Mr Quelch’s finest honed skill, polished and practised over many years was his store of one liners that he used to put down troublesome students. One day he met his match and the worm turned~AH! SQUELCH~ “Schooldays the best years of my life”.

  3. One liners were Jon Herlong’s thing. He wasn’t much to look at. He had the kind of eyes that disappeared when he smiled. Which could be charming. If other things about his personality were working. But nothing really was. He wasn’t particularly smart or funny or even mechanically inclined. He was good at one thing. Charming the pants off the ladies. Literally.

  4. She dressed frugally. Severely attired in a habit and a veil, she strode across the play ground chiding habitual bullies. In the class room, she would not let the class waver from the subject of the day. That was when the ‘queen of one liners’ epithet stuck to her. Not movies, her area of expertise was english literature. She could quote extensively, from memory, Dickens, Shakespeare, Voltaire,.She strode countries and eras as the words played themselves out……………………

  5. Kelly always had the perfect one liners, and Melinda never had a comeback. All she could do was laugh when she couldn’t top Kelly’s remarks. I remember Kelly was a petite, bubbly, quick-witted girl who always kept us in stitches with her remarks. Every once in a while she would let out an eggcorn and Melinda would never let her hear the end of it. I would imagine it was Melinda’s way of getting back at her. I still miss that banter…

  6. A geek can cleverly disguise a ten-sentence yawner as a one liner. Don’t ask me how – or why. Maybe they just have better vocabularies. Maybe one of the words in that one line means “mathematical function that forms a graph in the shape of an octopus”. There’s one sentence already.

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