April Fool

She was no fun on April Fool’s Day. She was so gullible, every day was April Fool’s Day for her. She fell for everything.

She could never play a joke on anyone. She didn’t get how it worked. That’s why it was such a surprise when  . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

13 thoughts on “April Fool”

  1. she concocted the biggest April Fool’s joke of all and it fell on us here at Imer Industries in the year of our Lord 2010…….My birthday was on April Fool’s day (appropriate, no?) and I decided to celebrate with my office mates by bringing in ice cream saucers …you know, those little delicacies made of chocolate that look like flying saucers (hence, their name), filled with either strawberry, chocolate or vanilla swirled ice cream…….what a way to celebrate Spring as well as my birthday….or so I thought…..

  2. I was working at Chrysler in the Aircraft Div. back on April Fools Day in 1953. We were building C-124 tail assemblies and I had a partner named Cleo. She had worked in aircraft plants during WW II and knew everything there was to know about assembling aluminum aircraft parts.

    We had a young Douglas Jr. Engineer that had been assigned to be kind of a watchdog for Douglas on all of the things being built by Chrysler in Maywood, CA. I decided to play an April Fools joke on him. If there was an error in riveting and we had to put in a larger rivet, we were allowed to go up one rivet size without calling Douglas.

    I found a huge Universal head rivet and put it in the squeeze machine. I carefully sawed the head off and the shank at just the right length so it looked like it had been ‘driven’. I used some contact cement and glued the head on one side of the tail assy and the driven shank on the other and then called the inspector.

    He was aghast. He immediately sought the Douglas Jr. Engineer. He saw it and started yelling and screaming because the entire tail panel assy would be scrap or sent to Long Beach for major repair (a large patch).

    Then Cleo and I pulled off the two fake rivet parts; she on one side of the panel and me on the other. The entire crew yelled “April Fool!”

    He was embarrassed for just a moment and then he laughed. We all went back to work. Moral was high.

    One of my co-workers was Hispanic out of East LA named Martinez. When he was younger he had been a double for Tyrone Power–the movie star. He was let go after about 8 years as he looked better than Tyrone.

    One of the Mexicans on our team looked like a stereotype Mexican. He was always kidding Marty and saying he wanted to start a Mexican restaurant and he wanted Marty to be up front ’cause he needed somebody that looked like a Mexican. Marty would act like he was mad. In those days East LA Mexicans all had a sense of humor (1953).

  3. My name is April Fool. Yeah, that’s right. Got a problem with it? Try living with Dolly Trull for 17 years and see how you like it. I’m the girl who hops into the elevator before you’ve had a chance to get off. I’m not much to look at and I have zero influence in the world that matters. I see you giving me dirty looks in the cereal aisle because my yoga pants are too tight, but I’m the one you have to talk to in the fraud department when Mohammed Mohammed steals your identity and buys eight plane tickets to the UAE. So go ahead and judge me. I get off on making your life miserable. I really do.

  4. I think the whole concept of April fool is wrong~To participate in this annual day of cruelty you are required to make a fool out of another person and expose that person to some form of ridicule. Usually the victim has been carefully assessed in advance by the hoaxer and is probably a vulnerable and trusting personality taken by surprise. My feelings are that this hoax can be turned on the hoaxer by writing the first 50 words about his habits and general cruel personality. APRIL FOOL!

  5. People are fooled every single day: be it by this, this, or that. Perhaps when this phrase was coined, there was only one month in the calendar and it wasn’t June.

  6. Erudite to a minute, she thought little of fools. She only thought of projects and timelines and pleasing men who could give her whatever she wanted. So when the gent, and he could only be called a gent, winked at her she scowled and pursed her perfect lips.

  7. The renowned Russian pianist and composer, Sergei Rachmaninoff was born on April 1st, but he was no April Fool. For those of you who love classical music, I’m sure you’re familiar with his beautiful and very romantic pieces.

    I often wondered where the inspiration for his compositions came from and found the answer after reading his biography. It all stemmed from the love and yearning of his country, which he was forced to leave after the 1917 Russian Revolution ensued. He ultimately ended up in the United States and was never able to return to Russia. He is considered one of the last great composers of Romanticism in Russian classical music.

      1. Debby Reynolds was born on April 1, 1932 Her grandfather was also born on April 1 back in the late 1800’s. F

  8. “April fool “!!
    She shrieked as she jumped out from behind closed doors. He had seen her hiding there earlier , but pretended to be startled. All said and done , he was good at pretending .
    That evening he brought her the largest rose he could find in the garden , “For my April Phool”, he said . Phool in hindi meant flower .
    She took it , laughing .He too, laughed .But somewhere , someone had been hurt , and that bothered her a great deal.
    It still bothers her , the memory of his eyes full of love , hers of beseeching . On every April Fool’s day.

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