Don’t Inhale

I love my environmentally friendly, plastic-free, stainless steel coffee press. Makes good coffee, but you do have to deal with coffee grounds floating around in your cup. As a public service, I want to warn you that inhaling coffee grounds in a big breathy slurp is a serious irritant to your breathing apparatus. No slurping allowed.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Inhale”

  1. But then again, this leads me to think perhaps I should give up my coffee addiction? Perhaps despite the pretty environmentally friendly coffee maker and the certain “je ne sais quoi” charm it adds to my kitchen, I should consider my body’s dependence on caffeine as not “environmentally friendly” as far as my body is concerned? Something to ponder in my off hours, something to ponder.

  2. When passing through a war zone where the killing fields of total futile wars have been fought, the army issue all new recruits with the following order. Don’t inhale! The stench of unnecessary death is overpowering and very dangerous for the morale. Heroes are never overpowered by conscience~

  3. She wanted to start smoking, and she recruited the help of her roommate who had been doing it for awhile. The day she bought her first pack of cigarettes, the warning of her roommate kept resounding in her ears, “The first rule—don’t inhale the smoke too rapidly ’cause you’ll get dizzy.”

    Well, that was easier said than done. After her first attempt, she decided that smoking was not for her.

  4. I hate dentists, and I hate having to sit in that chair with all scary, shining, steel instruments, laid out neatly in a tray to your side. Last week was my last feeble attempt at preserving a rotten tooth, or whatever was left of it , via a process called root canal treatment. In the end, some loose ends of the filling needed cauterisation, and the dentist ordered,” take a deep breath now , ma’am and don’t inhale.Breathe out “. Being clumsier than my normal self, I ended up inhaling some of the smoke. And boy, did it burn my throat!! Wonder how smokers inhale all that smoke……………..

  5. “Don’t inhale” I heard and a bomb exploded right beside me. Everyone was running so I started running myself as well before I understand what was happening. And I still can’t to be honest. I think I did inhale a bit of that thing because I remember a funny smell and people laughing out loud. LOL.

  6. “Don’t inhale.” He said without looking back. Astonished at that particular statement, Marquis asked him what exactly he meant by that. “BREATHE, man! I mean BREATHE! Don’t be a smartass.” Desmond finally looked back, it was obvious he was trying to contain his annoyance and collect his thoughts. “Look, dude, the atmospheric readings is tellin’ us that O2 levels are very low, nitrogen levels are non-existent and chlorine’s extremely high. You go out there without that high-tech scuba gear over there an’ your lungs will burn.” Marquis tried to make it look like he understood the gravity of the situation but it was clear to Desmond that he did not, “Marq, that may look like earth out there but it’s not. You gotta understand that fully before anybody trusts you with their lives. You can’t act like the big man now, you actually gotta be the big man, OK?”

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