Today on Twitter I saw something that said that being a writer means you have homework every day for the rest of your life. Obviously, this is the point of view of a person who isn’t a writer. I’m not saying writing is easy or fun, I’m just saying it isn’t something imposed on you from outside. It comes from inside and it comes because  it must.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

14 thoughts on “Homework”

  1. I find I prefer to have homework as to any other work, though I do not believe that I view it the same as others. Homework to me is setting goals and accomplishing tasks on my home front. This is how I show my love of family, hearth, and home.

  2. I found it impossible to use your promps, so here goes….maybe this will work. I rather enjoy this but your site tests my patience. So below are my comments about Homework…..

    I would look up from my spot where I had propped my self against a tree in the pasture, and watch the new colt romp and play and cautiously inch her way over to inspect Sara, my german shepherd laying at my feet. Thy were friends, so I picked up my book and went back to the horrible task of of learning latin; a mandatory course at Mercy High.

    Diana Boyan dreamweaver5580@aol.com

  3. Homework? You want this 80 year old grandma to do that? Been there, done that. Only take classes now where I can listen and NOT do homework. Can we re-frame the conversation, please? Homework in my life; getting you to VOTE!

  4. We are victims of the system, in the hands of a grasping employer. My Father left home, left my Mother alone to bring us up on her own. My Mother struggles to make ends meet by working for herself at home. She gets paid a pittance for sewing and making clothes. With no qualifications, her only hope is this form of slave labour, called homework.

  5. It is not homework to write a line or two. Nor is it a task to type a quick note to you. No, it is with great love my fingers dance on these keys, creating stories or poems, essays or prose, dancing with words that make weak in the knees.

  6. Homework is a joy. This probably makes me sound masochistic to lot of people who think home is a place you laze around and litter like a lazy animal. Come to think of it people, some one has to clear up the table, clean up the mess, do the laundry, cook the meals,; in short, all those invisible chores we take for granted.Another name for a popular hindu goddess ‘Durga’ is also ‘Annapurna’ (one who fills your granaries/plates with food). When a girl gets married and is welcomed into a new household to become a part of the ‘invisible workforce’;one of the many (ancient) blessings would be’May you be the Annapurna of this house’. That my friends, is a seat of honour, not ridicule……..

  7. As a child, Camille remembered how strict her mother was about her finishing her homework. In retrospect, she was glad she did because it engrained in her certain habits that she’s maintained to this day. She was known for being detailed-oriented and organized when completing any task. At work, she was referred to as “Cam Can” because she always met deadlines and handed in flawless work. Her work ethic was the result of homework habits put to good use.

  8. He hadn’t seen Emily Fischer since high school. Back then, she was too thin, too tall and too…well, just too. Today, she was full breasts, slim hips and long, toned legs. If she had looked this good when they did homework together, Jake Everett would have passed algebra with honors.

  9. Homework Harriet got the nickname after a boy pointed out how she always had her face buried in a book. She read in planes, trains, cars, lobbies and the middle of the street, but never at home. The name confused her, but she was too well-read to correct him.

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