3 Dogs

We went to the house because of a noise complaint. We heard barking as we approached. Several neighbors emerged from their doors to watch us. There was no answer to our knock. I peered through a window and saw 3 frantic dogs who rushed the window when they saw me. Gomez went around to the back of the house . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

9 thoughts on “3 Dogs”

  1. I notified Gomez that we would have to break down the doors to the house……poor dogs! Who knew how long they had been left alone to fend for themselves and they were lucky we had arrived to save them. After breaking in the front door, the largest dog leaped on Gomez, knocking him down and licking his face. The other two dogs ran off into the kitchen.

  2. “Three dogs! Any woman who has three dogs and no man has got to be totin’ some serious baggage, right?” The rise in Tyron’s voice was a signal to Gerald that nothing but full agreement was expected from his best friend.

    The problem with agreeing to Tyron’s new found revelation was that it would be a total, utter lie.

  3. Those 3 dogs follow me-Depression, Fear and Anxiety. They lay in wait and watch me still, even after I swallow that bitter pill. Those 3 dogs they have to go, have to hear me tell them no! Those 3 dogs wait and see, they won’t get the best of me.

  4. Her 3 dogs adored her, and she was definitely their alpha figure. They were three formidable and impressive Rottweilers named, Tristan, Isolde and Siegfried. They loved winter and romping around in the snow.

    On cold winter nights, when they would scamper up to her king-sized bed, she could not help but think of the rock group “Three Dog Night” who got their name from an Australian aborigine custom of huddling up with three dogs on extremely cold nights. It always put a smile on her face when she saw how they vied for the position closest to her. In reality, she didn’t need a blanket.

  5. The garage door was open just a few inches.When Sonia went to lift the shutters she heard a warning growl. She should have backed off then . But she was preoccupied with her own private thoughts . The moment sunlight streamed into the garage, she saw them, in the corner. Three dogs, eyeing her with malevolent glare.Next moment they had erupted into a volley of barking, raucous , vengeful.Sonia screamed, dropping her hand bag, she ran………….


    Six dogs pulled the sled through through the ice-fields. We were returning home with our catch from the rocky bay. The first three dogs were all from the same litter, with pure white fur that was almost invisible against the snowy background. They had an affinity for each other as they led the other three dogs, who were a mixture of the breed, snarling and yelping as they pulled the sled. They were all working as a team.

  7. THREE DOGS (2)

    Jerry was a dealer in illegal drugs. A flash guy in a rough, tough, world. Jerry’s customers were addicts, with unpredictable behaviour, not averse to using a knife to get what they needed.
    After many narrow escapes, Jerry had protection, in the shape of Pansy, Blossom and Petal, three snarling, vicious, aggressive Pit Bull Terriers, to ensure swift payment.

  8. I have three dogs that guard my gate. They spend more time keeping people in then keeping people out. It’s no surprised considering I live in a hole in the ground. It’s a real dump. My dogs all have their own heads, but share a body. Very obedient creatures.

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