Okay, So . . .

“Okay, so is there a plan B?” she asked. She looked at the snowy slope beneath her dangling feet, her skis like exclamation points in midair.

Ralph turn at yelled to the skiers behind them, “What’s going on?”

“Happens all the time,” a silver clad skier yelled back. “Just wait a minute, we should start moving again.”

Ralph wasn’t one to wait. He pulled out his phone to check for a signal and . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Okay, So . . .”

  1. impatiently began to punch in phone numbers in order to phone the ski patrol ….”I need to get an answer to this hold up!”, he grumbled. “I mean, after this slope, I am supposed to meet Niki and Josh for an après ski drink!” Ralph was not the world’s most patient skier and there was always “something” beyond what he had to do next, somewhere to go, places to be, people waiting for him. Mandy almost wished she had stayed home and given up the idea of learning to ski with Ralph……..honestly! Like an après ski drink couldn’t wait. And honestly….did he REALLY have the phone number for the ski patrol?

  2. It was their first date, and they were caught in a traffic jam. Bumper to bumper traffic; it looked like a parking lot. She noticed he was getting impatient when he said, “I hate backups. I just don’t like to be sitting in traffic.”

    “Okay, so…this situation will give us a chance to get to know each other a little bit better since we can’t go anywhere else,” she said looking at him.

    He returned her gaze with a sigh and simply smiled.

  3. OK, So ~~~

    I have filled in this long application form, my past life is arrayed and spread out before you for all to see. No doubt you have made many photocopies of the information as a decision is made on my suitability for the job in question. I have a drawer full of rejection letters and there is always room for another.

    I may be mature and coming to the end of my working life, but I am still active, able and very willing, with vast experience. You think I am wasting my time?

    OK, So What!

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