The area of the park where the soccer players meet on Sunday mornings is surrounded by trash receptacles. But on Monday, the weeds, the parking lot, and the playing field are always littered with plastic bottles, fast food sacks, and other trash that must be picked up by someone else. I wish I could make them pay a fine.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Surrounded”

  1. Because I watch the park. I can look out my window (and I do) and the soccer players and their families (large families these players have), take over my park every Sunday. On Monday, well, there you go….trash galore! I am sure the Department of Public Works picks up, cleans up their litter but nevertheless……I mean when I try to walk my little dog, Jitterbug, I am always worried she might step in a piece of metal (from the soda cans or ?) and get hurt so I try and avoid that area of the park. I mean, really, can’t these players SEE the trash cans?

  2. Being surrounded by the proper people is great. Success is a viable possibility when someone engaging in endeavors is surrounded with caring people. People that care mentor, set examples, and coach. They share life experiences with learners close to them so learners will avoid mistakes. It’s our environment that counts.

  3. Our favorite Chinese restaurant was teeming with customers, but we didn’t have to wait long before we were seated. Every table had patrons, and regardless of the organized chaos going on, our order was taken and we were served expeditiously.

    As customers left, others were seated, but what caught my attention was the way three waitresses surrounded an empty table to prepare it for the next set of customers. In the blink of an eye, a clean tablecloth had been set along with napkins and silverware. It was evident from the number of people enjoying their dinner that evening, the it was going to be a good night for our favorite Chinese restaurant.


    Margaret and I had decided to visit a local farm in the beautiful countryside and take a picnic. The sun shone warmly as we opened a five bar gate and entered an attractive pretty green pasture, full of wild flowers We sat down, laid out our meal and began to eat. Suddenly a sheep appeared followed by many more until we were completely surrounded with woolly sheep munching the grass. We had wandered into the wrong field. Tom, the farmer appeared with his trusty sheep dog and drove the sheep away and we left the field in a hurry.

  5. The constant noise and stimulation was debilitating her. She wanted it all to be stripped away, to be left with just the breath in her lungs and the beating of her heart. The steady, predictable nature of her breath, metabolism, rhythms of her body’s functioning were the only things she could trust anymore. Bring me back, she thought. Bring me back to when my love was pure and my thoughts were my own. Bring me home. Now, please.

  6. I’m surrounded by tradition. Wakes are celebrated like holiday in my family. Uncle Trout, who we all call Uncle Fish, brings a pillowcase filled with change for the children to take as much as a handful allows. Rather strange watching kids line-up to scoop change in front of an open coffin.

  7. As soon she had knelt down to fetch a fallen pencil she found herself surrounded by eager faces jostling for her attention.” My turn auntie”, “no mine”, she was besieged with clamouring contradictory claims. Every time she hosted a birthday party, she would blissfully forget how tough the last one was, specially the part where she had to “conduct” games in order to keep the tiny tots occupied.It was heartbreaking to give prizes away to only few of them. So she had a bagful of it ready, labelled with thier names……….

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