Why are you so crazy about Torchy’s Tacos?

I love that burn. And the food has so much flavor. They are the masters of seasoning.

Yeah, but that burn. It’s too hot.

Ah, but it releases so many endorphins in your brain, you think it feels good.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

11 thoughts on “Hot”

  1. Torchy’s recently hosted an evening “after closing” “event” and invited reviewers to comment on blogs about their food. It was an effort to raise their online ratings. So, of course, Torchy’s was on their best behavior and used only the spiciest touches to adorn their tacos. I really enjoyed my veggie taco with pickled onions (almost purple in color), sesame seeds, avocados and red peppers sprinkled with their “hot” secret spice ingredients…….and, yes, they got top rating in my blog yesterday.

  2. The sun is hovering on the horizon. It is red and gold and it shimmers like it is portal to another world. The water is like glass, the air is still. Gnats land and stick to the sweat forming on my arms and legs. Nothing like summer in the south.

  3. “Hot,” that was the word I used for the woman across the street. Blonde curls flowing in the wind, skin fit dress and all those luscious curves. I couldn’t help but smile, lust clouding my mind.
    “Don’t be gay,” Melissa frowned besides me.
    I laughed. Wish it were that easy..


    Taste is a sense of high expectation,

    A passion for food is exploration,

    When taste buds react to a different sensation.

    Sweet things can tingle with extra flavour,

    The sharp taste of citrus can be something to savour.

    Add a chilli or two to a steaming pot,

    Then the taste buds shout loud,


  5. They sat across from each other at a corner table close to the veranda. The balmy evening breeze from the ocean played with Camille’s hair blowing it to one side of her face hiding it seductively. This did not go unnoticed by Armand who set his wine glass on the table and locked eyes with Camille.

    He felt his blood coursing through his veins as if it were a torrent of hot lava, and he wondered if she was experiencing the same sensation or something similar to it. Before Armand could utter a word, he felt Camille’s foot coursing up his right leg as she provocatively smiled at him.

    He looked around and spotted the waiter on the other side of the terrace. As he motioned to him, he nonchalantly called out before the waiter got to the table, “Check, please.”

  6. She was certainly thinking of something else. She was preoccupied with her unfinished blogs and the skillet had been soking idly on the stove top for the past five odd minutes , doing nothing , but getting seriously hot. She looked around , grabbed the metal handle and let out a scream. Her charred flesh on the palms were actually sizzling when she forced her hand underneath the tap…..

  7. Become astonished by the birds; they do not taste the heat. Shiny, brightly colored peppers advertise to those inquisitive minds; there is food here. Woe the mammal who bites THAT apple. Liquid metal, incandescent screams, flame from flesh infernal, lava; or so it seems. Transient-receptor-potential-cation-channel interclass heterogeneity is why. Ow. Yeahhhh….

  8. His head hung low, shoulders slumped forward, the sun beating mercilessly on shirtless back. The impact of each dreaded step immersing him in a whirlwind of dust and debris. The cart creaked under the pressure of his fare. The boards were warped and splintered from the harsh winds and heat.

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