It’s the little things

The tour guide said, “Mind the elephants, now,” but Harry knew the big beasts were gentle and wouldn’t harm him. It was the little things – the insects, the snakes, the nervous little bitey things that worried him. He slathered on more bug repellant and made sure his pants were tucked into his boots properly before he stepped into the Jeep.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “It’s the little things”

  1. It was going to be exciting, this tour of the African savannah. The air was different in the way that it bleached out color, making everything look sort of beige. The trees were different here too. The baobab? tree which looked as if its roots were on the top. The first animal he saw was a giraffe which ironically walked as gracefully as he had seen in the movies.

  2. At what point had things gone so wrong in their relationship? Arlene could not tell. The spark between her and Rob had gone out so long ago, that she couldn’t remember exactly when it was that they had become so disconnected.

    Resentment had led to disillusionment and this had finally led to apathy. They lived in their own world and now it seemed that they had conformed to this way of living. The distance had certainly taken care of chipping away at what they once felt for each other.

    What she did remember was what she had always told Rob, “It’s the little things that count. I’m not impressed by the big things.” Obviously, he never heeded this; such is life.

  3. It’s the little things that make or break you. Those little things are called fundamentals. When we are fundamentally sound in any area, the little things put together in a package lead to success. That is why it’s important to focus, stay within yourself, and do the little things right.

  4. Micro-man
    Thomas was a private investigator, hired by wealthy folk to keep them informed of many things.Thomas was a fount of information garnered during his professional career. He was a man who believed in what he did. His favourite expression was, “It’s the little things that matter”, as he planted another miniature microphone under the desk of an unsuspecting client or the subject of his attentions.

  5. As she weeded her vast collection of potted plants , she would pick a small twig or blade of grass and toss it aside. Every paint flake, every rotting leaf and every soil patch had been expertly tended to , only then she moved to her next chore. Sometimes I would wonder how she manages to keep her home and hearth so squeaky clean and spic-span. Now I know, it is the small things and the infinitesimally detailed attention paid to them. Painstakingly back- breaking work…..

  6. Letters are limbs; words, the monsters. It’s scary how the little things can so quickly escape from our control.

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