The Future of Sex

I’m convinced the future of sex is above the neck. Heads are everything. Brains, eyes, lips – that’s all you need. Why do I say this? Well, a couple of weeks ago Kerry Washington had a sex scene on “Scandal” with Scott Foley. You may know that Kerry Washington is sporting a large, noticeable baby bump these days. To hide it, the sex scene was all close-in head shots of the two actors. It was super sexy, so I’m betting the future of sex is all happening between the ears. One more way Shonda Rhimes has changed TV forever.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “The Future of Sex”

  1. I believe that the future of sex will not change. Sex is all encompassing, all engulfing; heightening your sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste and most definitely touch. It is not relegated to exclusively one part of the body. It is enjoyed by the body as a whole, and yes, it starts at the head, which holds the biggest sex organ of all—our brains, and what is perceived and interpreted by it has a definite effect on all the other body parts and at the most intense moment, these body parts will very much succumb to the reckless abandon whose denouement is an explosion of sublime ecstasy.

    Madame Rose studied her crystal ball intently. “The future of sex is a conundrum. procreation, recreation or abstinence? The singularity of sex, masturbation? Reproduction by in-vitro fertilisation?” After much careful consideration the wise lady said, “The future of sex is in the past, without the past there would be no future. Love is the answer, old fashioned pure love is the future of sex.”

  3. Sex is Snowden’s secret in reverse. Instead of spilling out, you’re pushing in or repackaging the matter. How we see, smell and hear the matter is what the future of sex hopes to change. We’ve drilled as deep as we can go. We spilled semen, blood and sweat and had a fine time doing it. Huzzah! But I’m getting a little bored; aren’t you too? I want to try it in Technicolor; with pixels, with Wi-Fi; with Ethernet cables that dance for me like the tentacles of a cartoon octopus. I want it in front of me and a million miles away, simultaneously. I want to reach out and touch someone, so I can cum across continents. Future sex isn’t a bridge we will cross; it’s a signal we will surf.

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