I saw the notification flick by in my contact lens. It was time to upgrade my operating system. I hesitated over the download. I’ve been happy as version 47.8, and I’m not always able to say that. I know I’ll be forced to upgrade eventually, but I can stay this way for a few more days before that happens.

I heard about a guy who figured out how to go offline. He’s been operating with 35.9 for a couple of years now. I wonder how hard it is to go offline?

Please leave a comment with your first 50 words on the topic “download.”


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Download”

  1. In my family, download is a bad word. Not only does it add to the existing clutter on the homepage, it consumes valuable space on the memory of the computer. If my daughter begins downloading her favourite songs, the sheer numbers run into millions(Ithink). Unheard of singers, bands, and songs themselves. Some times she seems to belong to a different planet altogether…….


    I have a mobile life that is composed of APP’S.
    Download me and I will set you free.
    A free APP. that will shed the mental chains of life that securely tie me down.
    Live your life with ease
    Download me please
    Update your life or your life will surely freeze.

  3. The word “download” started to rise and become part of our vocabulary back in the 1980s reaching its highest peak around 2004 as per the Google Ngram Viewer. Anyone somewhat familiar with computers has used this computing term at some point in time. It is a fact that the computer world has its own jargon and that becomes very evident when we hear the interactions of IT techs.

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